Dry Lakes shorebirds and possible Arctic Tern at Lake Lowell (Canyon Co.)

Jay Carlisle

has some GREAT-looking mudflats - nothing rare but we found almost 150 individuals of 8 shorebird species plus over 700 gulls loafing.  I know this has been mentioned earlier in the season but definitely worth checking all month as shorebird migration continues.

We then made a stop at the lower damn at Lake Lowell.  At first no terns were in view but then a group of 12 smaller terns appeared & fed along the middle of the damn - ~50-200+ yards out - for 20+ minutes before heading back N towards the NW corner (no great viewing spots there).  The wind was already getting nutty so scoping wasn't possible, nor getting a pic, but most that we could see well were Common Terns and 1 struck me as a possible Arctic.  I was able to pick it out multiple times due to it's small/short beak and I also saw the narrow trailing edge to the underside of the outer primaries and the darker carpal bar on the upper wing.  I just could never see enough of it to be sure.  Hopefully they're still putting on a show tomorrow (cooler weather & less wind)!


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