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Tolls would be nothing. What if you'd been asked to produce a passport. ;-}

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We have a Pine Siskin that seems a little slow. Or maybe he’s just more tolerant of humans. Anyway, I was walking my bike across our back yard, approaching the tray feeder with the “Slow Siskin” in it, when a rocket flew by me and the slow poke Siskin rocketed out of the feeder. He managed to stay ahead of the Cooper’s Hawk and get up into the maple. The rocketing Cooper’s came closer to me than any hawk ever has. And the whole event was over in a flash. Way cool.

It was also quite cool, almost cold, on my bike ride today, but the birds were not cooperative. I ended up having to go all the way downstream to the end of the paved path (20 miles round trip) before I achieved my “Recommended Daily Allowance” of 30 species. Thirty has gotten more difficult of late, but this was crazy. On the bright side, I got to watch a Great Egret glide in for a landing at one of the ponds near the end of the paved.

BTW, weird that I start in Boise, pass into Garden City, then back into Boise and end up at a rest room maintained by Eagle. I should be glad they don’t all charge tolls. ;-)

Tom McCabe, Boise

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