Bit of an Exodus


With an arriving cold front, am seeing a bit of an exodus. Appears I'm down to a single juvenile Black-chinned Hummingbird at the feeder. After having a rush, for the past 2 weeks, of almost exclusively juv Calliopes. Not a single Broad-tailed, as of yet. Also, where I was seeing upwards of 15 juv Black-headed Grosbeaks at seed feeder all last week, yet to see any this AM. And, a good crop of juv Lazuli Buntings appear to have exited. 

Sure hoping for a good fall warbler migration. Last year was a bust at my area. Not a single Townsend's. Miss seeing the mixed groups of 50+ warblers, kinglets & vireos pushing through in waves, that I could used to count on witnessing. Last couple of falls have had much fewer numbers.

Brian Carrigan

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