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Ken Miracle

great to hear about the Greater Sage Grouse. This time of year is can still be tough to tell the young of the year males and females apart. Also given the very dry conditions hens and their broods will usually be close to wet meadows, irrigated pastures, alfalfa fields etc. still looking for “ice cream plants” forbs.

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Hi Birders,

Yesterday Amy Bechtel & I birded the S Fork between Hwy 20 & the Cow Creek bridge where you have to turn left to continue to Prairie, or right to Anderson Dam. A good birding spot is about 3 miles S of the bridge where there is a bunch of growth on a sharp curve on the road. Here, most unexpectedly, a Fox Sparrow showed itself v nicely for about a minute, but we couldn't relocate it after this.  Then a few miles N of here where there is usually an abundance of Lewis's Woodpeckers we found about 24 Turkeys grazing on a hillside, and 5 of them strolled across the road towards the river. But the real treat in the fading light was the sight of about 16 Greater Sage Grouse on the road right in front of us as we drove back, about 6 miles from Hwy 20. By the looks of them as far I could make out, they were all females.
Great end to the day!
John Shortis.   

Ken Miracle
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