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Thank you, Larry!  I will remember to check the map anytime I feel I have seen anything that I feel unusual.  Obviously, the lesser goldfinch is quite common and I've just missed it before.


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consulting the oracle....eBird map showing accepted observations.....


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If I remember correctly that neighborhood was on Teresa Drive. It’s just west of the Warm Springs and Hwy 21 intersection.  That’s where I saw my first lesser goldfinch.  Since then they can be found as far west as Caldwell. I’m not sure if they have been seen west of here. 

Denise Hughes
Caldwell, Idaho

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When I first joined IBLE (lo, these many years ago), I went birding with RL and he directed me to a small neighborhood out Warm Springs, near where Idaho 21 now crosses the Boise River. We went there to see the Lesser Goldfinches that--apparently-- could be found nowhere else in the Treasure Valley.

Within a few years, I started seeing Lesser Goldfinches at my feeders in the North End. Now, I see and hear them all along the Boise River, at least to Eagle Road. (Going to Eagle Road is a LONG bike ride for me, and I have rarely ventured beyond it.)

Long story short—I think they have been expanding their range in the valley for some time. If I were you I would greet them warmly, maybe put out an extra sock feeder (they love nyger thistle), and sit back and enjoy. Their year round yellow is a delight on a dreary winter day.

Tom McCabe, Boise  


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This morning I saw a lesser goldfinch in my neighbors front yard in North Meridian.  Never having seen one in 25 years of living in Idaho I was wondering if his was unusual or not?

We have a couple of yards that have sunflowers in them, but I grew sunflowers at my other home in Meridian and never saw them...would just get American Goldfinches.

Ruthann Greene

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