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Thanks so much for the input.  Surprisingly...or not, I am 1.5 miles from Eagle Road off McMillan.   My other house was South of the Freeway.

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When I first joined IBLE (lo, these many years ago), I went birding with RL and he directed me to a small neighborhood out Warm Springs, near where Idaho 21 now crosses the Boise River. We went there to see the Lesser Goldfinches that--apparently-- could be found nowhere else in the Treasure Valley.

Within a few years, I started seeing Lesser Goldfinches at my feeders in the North End. Now, I see and hear them all along the Boise River, at least to Eagle Road. (Going to Eagle Road is a LONG bike ride for me, and I have rarely ventured beyond it.)

Long story short—I think they have been expanding their range in the valley for some time. If I were you I would greet them warmly, maybe put out an extra sock feeder (they love nyger thistle), and sit back and enjoy. Their year round yellow is a delight on a dreary winter day.

Tom McCabe, Boise  


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This morning I saw a lesser goldfinch in my neighbors front yard in North Meridian.  Never having seen one in 25 years of living in Idaho I was wondering if his was unusual or not?

We have a couple of yards that have sunflowers in them, but I grew sunflowers at my other home in Meridian and never saw them...would just get American Goldfinches.

Ruthann Greene

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