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I could not see it at 11 last night from off Bogart but I’ll be in Donnelly tomorrow night and hoping for very dark skies,

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same here, living on the boise greenbelt, just went west on Chinden to open space a mile or so beyond Glenwood........  NO trees or mtns or lights in the way, totally worth it     =)

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Thanks for the update on Neowise. Tonight I hope to find a place in Boise without interference from trees or city lights. 

Dianne Stone. Boise Depot Bench

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If interested, don't have to wake up in early AM hrs to see Comet Neowise now. It's visible best after 10:30 PM, about 2 fists above the horizon, below the Big Dipper in the NW sky. The comet will rise a bit closer to the Dipper each night between now & 7/23. Visible with naked eye but looks really good though binoculars &, I'm sure, best with a telescope. 

Brian Carrigan

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