Re: 2020 Bird Checklist

Larry Arnold

and this year in particular, another hummingbird reshuffle !!!

ten yrs ago? Van Remsen (LSU) et al. headed up a significant reshuffle of ALL the hummers by including almost half of all hummer species AND referencing some legitimate "out groups" in their DNA study... 
so I'll have to dig into this reshuffle to see just how "major" it is, vs. maybe this reshuffle is just an adoption of the findings in Van Remsen's paper ???


Thanks, Denise, my in-basket was already over-flowing !!


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essential reading every year, thank you Denise !!!   


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Subject: [IBLE] 2020 Bird Checklist

Not sure how many people follow the annual bird checklist change each year but here is a link  to the changes for 2020.

Denise Hughes
Caldwell, Idaho

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