Rufous Hummingbirds on the Move


Well, with continuous bands of rain pushing through & releases from Palisades muddying up my fly-fishing prospect, have been reading & watching the hummingbird feeder. And, no doubt, southward Rufous migration is in full force. Have been able to separate 3 diff't Black-chinneds coming in (1 male & 2 female), 1 prob BC juvenile & 1 ea male & female Rufous. 

Reading where Rufous Hummingbirds esp, have great memories & fidelity on their migration routes for nectar, whether artificial or natural sources. Hadn't kept a hummingbird feeder for many years & just started regularly about 4 yrs ago. Last fall, had numerous Rufous late Aug into Sept & most were juveniles. Wondering if those I'm observing are now adults from last year's broods & re-visiting on their southward trek? In any case, from most info I've researched, appears Rufous are about 2 wks early on southbound migration.

Brian Carrigan

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