Re: Grace's Warbler p.s.

Bill Moore

Filled feeder #53 today. Rufous showed this afternoon. I guess every one else is a breeder.

Evening Grospigs are still showing so I guess breeding. Ravens brood, 5+, chasing parents.

Bubbly house wrens everywhere.

Brian beat me so I’ll likely not post Rufous.


On Jun 25, 2020, at 4:57 PM, Larry Arnold <larnold47@...> wrote:

hey Bill, you live in good habitat for Grace's .......  AND you're maybe closest to northernmost eBird entries......  ;-)

how's your hummingbird activity about now ?  got migrants ?  or still just breeders ?

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Sounds like this sighting is akin to the often noted rock wolves and bears in Yellowstone/Bill Moore

On Jun 25, 2020, at 11:44 AM, Larry Arnold <larnold47@...> wrote:

this caught nobody's attention ?   eyiyi

where IS everyone ?

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Missy and I were birding our butts off yesterday in Owyhee County when at 1225 hrs, coolish 64F and partly cloudy, at 6000 ft in mixed conifer (Doug Fir, Ponderosa, etc?) I came to a screeching halt and we jumped out of the car with cameras rolling and ready to get a GPS reading.....  I was hearing a perfect-to-my-ears Grace's wobbler singing right next to the road.  This species had been recently expanding northward both in UT and CO, which you won't see in most field guides, but in eBird I was surprised at How Far North !!!   anyway, it turned out to be a Junco, but I'm still flabbergasted by how similar it sounded, and I'm talking about Song Detail.........

If you've never heard one singing, have a listen on xeno.....

And for the record, still no accepted reports of Grace's in Idaho, which in my experience is a " Ponderosa Pine species " in W Colorado

In theory, we're entering " the quiet time of year "  re: locally breeding passerines, but NOT at mid- and upper elevations   =)chirp-chirp


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