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Jay Carlisle

Hi Linda

Willow is the MUCH more likely species in Idaho, and it's quite common in shrubby/riparian habitat in N Idaho.  Having said that, there have been multiple reports of Alder Flycatcher in Boundary Co; - first in 2018 and again just last week at the same general area.  The key fieldmarks are the vocalizations - "fre-beer" song and a voicy "pip" in Alder versus "fitz-bew" and a harder "ritt" in Willow.


On Sunday, June 14, 2020, 10:42:13 PM MDT, Robert Kiernan <photobirder@...> wrote:

As far north that you are not too far out of range amer.bird conservancy guide show all fly catchers all on opposing pages  its only fly cat .faint eye ring i vote alder

On Sun, Jun 14, 2020, 9:32 PM Linda Lamb <lamreeves58@...> wrote:
On June 7th I spotted this bird at Kootenai Wildlife Refuge auto tour route. When I got home I listened to the calls on ibird pro and deduced it to be an Alder Flycatcher but it is not listed as being in the area. I went back up today to get a sound recording and briefly may have seen the bird but no call before it flew. KWR was very busy and windy so gave up the search. Can anyone help me with what it is.
Thanks, Linda

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