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Larry Arnold <larnold47@...>

love it Tom....  =)
altho I don't think of this as rain per se, it's just spitting over here on the west end...  many bird sp are discussing it this morning
i'm remembering a "loud hard tropical rain" while standing under a tin roof covered outbuilding watching hummers attempting to negotiate feeders   ;-)

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Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2020 10:26:40 AM
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What is this “umbrella” of which you speak, Bob? I thought I was supposed to get wet when birding in the rain. Plus, wet binoculars allow you to see birds that aren’t really there. ;-)



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Subject: [IBLE] Rain


Birding in the rain hands free .take a long handled umbrella and fầirly snug fitting jacket take handle and insert behind neck in jacket  keeps you and binnocs dry

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