Re: A Change, and default IBLE settings ??

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I see the light    *     gracias amigo !!


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The setting can be changed but I set it this way on purpose. I think most replies are meant for the group and many of those ended up as private emails on the old platform. When I want to write only to the author I just hit Reply All, then delete the IBLE address. Either way it's going to be a matter of being aware of the setting and double checking the address.


On 5/11/20 5:54 AM, Larry Arnold wrote:
Cliff, does our current listserv have a setting we can change?  when we hit "reply" many times we might be intending to reply offline to the sender, not to the group.....  RL and I have both done this recently, inadvertently reply to the group, whereas the old IBLE default was to the sender I believe.  Currently, we have to delete the group reply and enter the sender's email...  otherwise the group will receive what is meant as "private offline replies" which might not be suitable reading by our IBLE audience...  does this make sense, or am i again being ambiguous?
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