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You are welcome.
Got and read my latest SIBA newsletter a bit ago. Since there was not much birding news a few of the members wrote some "birding-from-confinement" type letters to fill space. Thinking about a "How I Came to Find a Blackpoll Warbler in the Wilds of a Boise City Cemetery" for next month's issue. How's that a grabber for a title?
Leaving here about 1800 for Pioneer. Though the bird was not found this A.M. by several more birders that missed out last night I think I will just go because it was birdy yesterday. Also I was there in the middle of the day, see what a later-in-the-day visit can bring. This time I will make sure I have my cell along. You never know... bwa-ha-ha-ha.

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hey RL........

IMHO I requires patience, persistence, and pirspicacity to identify wobblers in trees that are leafed out like ours are now......  congratulations man !!!

thanks for calling us with a heads-up   =)


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Hey out there. RL here.
Earlier this P.M. I found a male Blackpoll Warbler in the SE corner of Pioneer Cemetery. There is a big tree in the SE corner about 20ft. from a grave with the name INGLIS on it. That is the tree where I last had the bird. I found the bird about 1400 and had it for about 30mins. off and on. It was very windy, all birds were very active and there are many big trees in the adjoining neighborhood. Lots of coming and going. I did manage to get a few photos. I've not yet looked at them. Hopefully one or two will be close enough to be able to id the bird when I post to ebird here shortly.
Pioneer Cemetery is located on Warm Springs Ave. about a block off Broadway here in Boise near St. Luke's Hosp..
There is no parking allowed within the cemetery. You'll have to find a place on the street. I parked on N. Ave. C across from a little corner park that has a Celtic Cross sidewalk layout.There is a gate from the park to access the cemetery. Walk straight thru, keeping parallel to Warm Springs on your right. Just when you pass the Cecil Andrus gravesite you'll see the tree where I last had the bird in front of you (see above).
I know ebird has a site marked as Morris Hill and Pioneer Cemetery. That is wrong. Pioneer is not Morris Hill. They are in totally different places in Boise. There is a separate ebird Hotspot marked for Pioneer Cemetery alone. 
Continued Good Birding. RL
P.S. Mark Collie called me. He had a possible female Purple Finch at Morris Hill Cemetery about 1300. Seen in the trees near a brick maintenance bldg. along Emerald not far from where we had the sapsuckers this past winter.

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