Evening Grosbeaks Continue


Like per previous post by Dave Pace, inundated with Evening Grosbeaks. Today, have counted 20+ individuals & 7 at feeders, at once. Cassin's Finches are running a close 2nd. And the American Goldfinches are in full breeding plumage & crowd the feeder in-between times, when the larger Finches make room. I've gone through 3 lbs of black-oil sunflower seeds today alone & will fill again before evening. 

Also, 2 of my favorite spring birds arrived today, both males, at the feeders. A Lazuli Bunting & Black-headed Grosbeak. A female Black-chinned Hummingbird is regularly hitting its feeder today. And, the Blue Jay continues to sneak black-oil sunflower seeds from the feeder. But, by far, the most vocal, semi-tame acting & frequent visitors, are the Evening Grosbeaks. 

Brian Carrigan

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