Re: Horseshoe Bend and Marbled Godwits

Jon Barnett

Kristin, Rowland said the MG is still there now…fyi…Jonathan


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ible, Jon and Kristin. RL here.
Yesterday, at Black's CK. Bird Preserve I had a single Marbled Godwit remaining from those found Monday (see my ebird report). It was in the mud of the east shore about 1/2 way along. You will need a scope. I believe Lucian Davis had 17 godwits (BTW, Congrats on the Lifers Lucian) on the 20th, Monday. However, I did not see a few of the other things that were had. It was really really windy yesterday out there. 
Continued Good Birding (CGB). RL 

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Hi All,
I feel the same way that Jon does about the Marbled Godwits. If anyone sees these birds near the Nampa - Boise area, please let me know. Marbled Godwits are a lifer I still need to get so it would be a thrill for me to see one before I start work. Please feel free to call or text me at 208-861-4627.
Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well during these strange times.
Kristin Araki

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Subject: [IBLE] Horseshoe Bend and Marbled Godwits

Liz & all -- In a couple of weeks (early May) an early morning stroll along Porter Creek Rd (both near the entrance off Hwy 55, and then also on the dead end portion about 2.5 miles further in) normally provides some enjoyable sightings. 
Other than that, I don’t know, except possibly in the Mill Pond area (to the east of the north bridge across the river).


By the way, I see that Marbled Godwits are dependably showing up the past few days.  Every year though, when I head to Blacks Creek to see them, I miss them.  Weekdays are tough because of work, but if someone comes across Marbled Godwits
tomorrow (Fri) or Saturday, could you please call my cell phone right then, so I can head in asap and have a better chance?  If you get my vm, please leave a msg.  Thank you!  Jonathan Barnett 208-869-5164


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Jon, there is something about Western Kingbirds showing up in our hood - the nesting Kestrels chasing them off, the early morning calls - it means warm weather ahead.  Would be happy to know more H Bend birding suggestions.



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