Re: Sparrow

Cliff Weisse

Yes, Vespers are pretty early. This eBird map shows records for this year:
In Island Park they're here as soon as there's bare ground when the snow melts and Savannahs are usually a bit later to arrive.


On 4/14/20 7:12 PM, Richard and Ann Rusnak wrote:
Are vespers usually on breeding grounds in early April?  I saw several savannah sparrows at Stonebreaker Rd, Valley Co., this past w/e, seems early?
(I will look into it on ebird)
Also, Williamson's sapsuckers are drumming away in the hills above Cascade, cooperative subjects!
Cheers, Happy Safe Birding out there, Cheers, Rich, Nampa

On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 5:46 PM Robert Kiernan <photobirder@...> wrote:
Any sparrow experts out there not the best view this was seen flats above swan falls about 1/12 mi east swan falls rd. Help Id.thanks
Cliff and Lisa Weisse
Island Park, Idaho

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