A listworthy day


Let’s face it, we all keep lists. In fact, IBLE is itself a list for people who keep lists. We keep day lists, location lists, year lists, etc. (I confess, I even keep lists of miles biked, by the day, week, month, and year.)

Anyway, my list for my little portion of the Boise Greenbelt includes just 56 birds since January 1, 2020. Not that big a deal, but the big deal for me is that today, 1-23-20, I saw 46 of those birds. And I missed some easy ones (A. Goldfinch) but found some hard ones (Canvasback, Pacific Wren, N. Pintail, N. Shoveler, GH Owl). I report this just because it amazed me (and challenged my short term memory since I don’t write them down until I get home).

So despite it allegedly being winter and with migration nowhere in sight, there are lots of birds out there for you to put on your year list—or any other list you want to keep. ;-)

Tom McCabe, Boise

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