Townsend's Solitaire - Robin Interaction


Just wondering if anybody else has observed an interesting
association between Townsend's Solitaires and American Robins. Our
place is located along the Snake River in a riparian zone with
cottonwoods, junipers and Russian Olives making up the predominate
vegetation. Every winter, we have 3 or 4 Solitaires and a handful of
Robins staying here, feeding on the juniper and olive tree berries.

Without fail, whenever I find a Solitaire then a Robin is always cose
by, like within 15-20 ft. They are using the same foodsource and are
definitely competitive for it, with the Robin usually but not always
succeeding in chasing the Solitaire off. This interaction is always
one-on-one. But this behavior occurrs all winter long so both
obviously get plenty to eat. Anyway, just curious if anyone else has
noticed this or has any further info or thoughts. Thanks.

Brian Carrigan
P.S. Sorry if this message shows up twice, I couldn't seem to get it
to load the first time.

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