Re: Rufous Hummingbirds

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Yes, About 2 weeks now, consistently a few in S Nampa, only one adult male seen, the rest have been female.

Cheers, Rich



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Just wondering if anybody else is noting a push of Rufous Hummingbirds? I had a female come into the nectar feeder about a week ago & have seen 2 different male Rufous hitting it today. In fact, they've kept the resident Black-chinned pair away. Not complaining, as I always enjoy the brilliant rufous red of the males.

And, realize that Rufous start their fall migration by July. Just that at my location, I usually get the last of their push south in September. The ones coming through my place by then are usually females & juveniles. Nice treat to be getting the earlier males.

Brian Carrigan


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