Re: Humming Mites?


--- Russ Manwaring <> wrote:
This info was sent to me by Kelly (from Cascade) who
now lives in Coos Bay, OR. Anyone have some insight
into the hummingbird nose mite thought. Just
interested in a little more information.
Russ Manwaring
Emmett, ID

I met some new folks this weekend who said they also
had hummingbirds on New Years Day -- said they eat
old fruit on the trees..she also mentioned that her
son watched a Discovery progam recently that showed
hummingbirds in slow motion feeding and that mites
come out of the nose when the hummingbird feeds and
run to the flower and then when another hummingbird
comes to feed they run up the nose !!! so there are
hummingbird specific nose mites??? --- weird,

There are indeed specific hummingbird nose mites.
When I was an undergrad in the 70's at Univ of Texas
at Arlington, I made extra money for expenses by being
a research assistant. And, sure enough, one of the
projects I worked on was helping a grad student
collect hummingbird nose mites. This guy even ended
up discovering new species of the critters. This is
the first time I've even been reminded of them until
now. But there is a whole science dealing with bird
nasal mites.

Brian Carrigan

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