Re: Great Egrets


--- Russ Manwaring <> wrote:
On the Payette route this late morning there was a
Bald Eagle at the HWY 52 bridge, many Redtails, N.
Harriers, Am Kestrels, 16 or so Wild Turkeys at
Willow Creek.

Mid afternoon near Hamilton's Corner there were two
Great Egrets loafing in a pasture on the south side
of HWY 52. Noted a Downy Woodpecker at Letha. What
is it about those Hairy Mulleins they like. That
flowered spike must be a good winter nook for
insects. Noted two more Downys on evening walk;
they were on a silver maple. I heard them call and
I called them right down to my level. I digress, at
Letha 7 mile slough there were Am Widgeons and one
N. Shoveler, 2 Pied-billed Grebe as well as the
Mallards. Jumped 5 Wood Ducks on my evening walk,
too. They complained.
Russ Manwaring
Emmett, ID

Just wanted to comment on your observation of the
Downy's on the Mulleins. I too have seen Downy's pick
their spikes over Cottonwoods and other trees. I
watched one for about 20 minutes down by the Snake
River systematically targeting the spikes over trees.
Like you said must have a host of insects hiding in
them come winter.

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