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I have a small feeder like the one below and have seen juncos in it.

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I agree that DEJU’s don’t normally use feeders, but mine are using my tray feeder all the time. I’m not sure they use the tube, but I’ll be watching. (I think they may be evolving.)
I have at least a half dozen RBNU’s at any given time. And they can be really noisy! And when the Lesser Goldfinches are here, they are here in numbers(12?).
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Subject: [IBLE] Backyard observations as astonished
I was astonished to see two Dark-eyed Juncos using a tube feeder in my yard today! Have others seen that behavior? Maybe the other birds weren't knocking enough seeds to the ground where Juncos normally feed. At the feeder also were two Red-breastfed Nuthatches, a pale Lesser Goldfinch, and House Finches. An American Robin alighted on the birdbath. 
On 10/18 I was delightfully surprised by a Mountain Chickadee flying from evergreen to evergreen. It made a couple quick stops at the tube feeder as it made its way around the yard perimeter. It was 9/19/15 that I noted previously seeing a Mountain Chickadee in my yard. The same day 10/18 as I walked along the driveway to the front, a Cooper's Hawk burst out of a low shrub to fly with something small in its talons across the street into a tall evergreen. I had been wondering if the family group was still around. Got my answer.
So please tell me, who has seen  Juncos at feeders?
Diann Stone 
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