Re: Male Tufted Duck in canyon co

Jon Barnett

Saw the bird!  Thx Cheryl, Debbie Teal, et all.  Thx Tim for calling me.  3 observers with 2 scopes still at the pond.  

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Hello all – – I got caught in town with no binoculars or scope, but I am heading to red top ponds by faith that someone else will be out there with a scope!  If you are already there, or are on your way, I would love for you to call me and let me know 869-5164. Thanks so much! Jonathan Barnett from Horseshoe Bend

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Denise Hughes and I currently looking at a male Tufted Duck at Red Top Rd Ponds (ebird hotspot) in Canyon Co.
Closet spot to scope from is from Red Top Rd just west of intersection with Dixie River Rd. This big pond is not the Fish and Game pond but big pond just east of that pond.

Cheryl Huizinga
Caldwell, Idaho

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