Malheur is getting going

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Howdy Malheur Regulars, Just back today, here is a very limited run down of the last 3 days. Water seems prominent in southern portion of refuge, as are the birds. (Yes the HQ is still closed) Generally Frenchglen has good variety, Page springs is also good variety.
Bobolinks arrived yesterday at P ranch area, warblers#’s are still light, yellow, both myrtle & A's yellowrumped and wilsons with blk throated grays only heard once, flycatchers are arriving, gray, ash throated, wood peewee’s, hammond’s?
N mockingbird at P ranch, ducks seem light, a few ruddy’s and all the usuals, just not in large #’s, Franklin gulls, blk terns, forsters terns all bear Benson pond as well as trumpeter swans.
Missing or very sparse: grebes, shorebirds, peeps
Good, Luck, feel free to ask for details. LOTS OF SNAKES THIS YEAR, be careful!
Ta-Ta, Rich Rusnak, Nampa

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