Wilsons snipes on Boise River

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Revised more accurate directions to locate these snipe, Cheerio Rich

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Hey Rich,

I went out again to look for the snipes late this morning because at the time the light was better than yesterday.  I didn't see them on the way in, but I did see them on the way out.

I left you a voicemail indicating that when I looked up the intersection for the access to the greenbelt, I looked at google maps wrong and thus had a wrong street name in the access description.  So below is an update of seeing the birds that you can share with IBLE, if you think anyone would be interested.


PS The bird photos are shown below.


Yesterday (1/4/16, 4:30) and today (1/5/16, 12:30) I came upon some Wilson's Snipes (3 yesterday/2 today) right next to the greenbelt on the Boise River.  They were foraging among the rocks in a shallow area.  The birds were last located in a rocky/gravel bed area immediately downstream of the Garden City West Bridge (a pedestrian bridge that is part of the greenbelt).  Do the following to access the area:

- Drive to the intersection of N Duxbury Pier Ave and W Sultana Dr in Garden City.  On the west side of the small cul-du-sac is an access path to the greenbelt. 
- Walk in until you encounter the first intersection; then turn left/south.
- Walk to the Boise River and you will see the GC West Bridge.  

Marty Marzinelli, Eagle

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