Wilsons snipes on Boise River

Richard and Ann Rusnak

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Subject: Wilsons snipes on Boise River
Date: January 4, 2016 10:24:18 PM MST
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Hi Rich,

I went out birding this afternoon and at the very end of my walk on the Boise River I ran into 3 Wilson's Snipes.  See the attached photos.  Actually these are the first shorebirds I've ever seen on the river in my neck of the woods.

If you think the IBLE folks will be interested, you can submit this on my behalf.  Below is an explanation of where they were seen.

Cheers, Marty

Full and Low Res photos below:

Wilson's Snipe


Yesterday (1/4/16, 4:30PM) I came upon three Wilson's Snipes right next to the Greenbelt.  They were foraging among the rocks and having a good time.  The birds were located on the Greenbelt in Garden City.  Access the GB where N Duxbury Pier Lane meets W Tributary Ln. (asphalt path heads west).  Go to the first intersection and turn left, toward the Boise River.  Go toward the river and the birds were located at the first (small) footbridge over a creek.  They were on the right immediately off the embankment.

Marty Marzinelli, Eagle

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