Re: Hummingbirds - Rufous arrivals, etc.

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Ditto for the arrival of Rufous in Nampa. After a slow start I had a seemingly "normal" number of black chins for the season. (two nests sites)
Happy birding, Rich Rusnak

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To Larry and Brian's recent notes -- no SAGU in our backyard in Boise Foothills but have noticed the arrival of Rufous Hummingbirds over the last couple of weeks. After a summer of strictly Black-chinned, Rufous started arriving a couple weeks ago. One interesting observation is they seem to be much more territorial than the Black-chinned. A couple times I have noticed a Rufous guard its feeder for a half day or more, chasing away all other arrivals. During that period the sugar water consumption drops quite a bit. Then it moves on and consumption rates return to normal. 

Overall I would say the summer period was more or less normal for us relative to hummingbird numbers. Right now we may be a bit above normal, but not hugely so.

Scott Tuthill

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