Re: Idaho Team Wins Arctic Birding Challenge!!

Bob Davis

Congrats to  Polar Vortex!  Way to go Idaho!

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Congratulations!  I'd heard that you were crisscrossing the state looking for arctic bound birds.
Denise Hughes

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I just wanted to let everyone know the 2015 Arctic Birding Challenge was won by a team from Idaho.  For anyone not familiar with the Arctic Birding Challenge, teams list as many arctic breeding species as possible between March 1-June 1.  There is a category for the lower 48 states and one for Alaska.  More details are available here:

The winning team is Idaho's Polar Vortex.  
Team members are (l to r):

Dave and Elise Faike
Kathleen Cameron
Poo Wright-Pulliam
Jean Seymour
Paul Yakapzack
 (not pictured)

Not only did Polar Vortex win the Lower 48 category with 131 species, they smashed the old record of 122 and found one more species than the winning team in the Alaska category.  

Congratulations on a job well done!


Denise Hughes
Caldwell, Idaho

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