Distruction of Habitat - need your help please!


There are people wanting to make the area where the Bobolink has been spotted on Landruff Road in Middleton into a gravel pit.   Is the Bobolink considered a rare species in SW Idaho?

This would not only disturb the habitat of the Bobolink, but it is possibly an area where bald eagles nest, and there are also wild turkeys, hawks and herons in the area.

Do any of you know if the Bobolink nests in the Landruff Road area and have pictures?   Also, have any of you seen bald eagle nests in that area near the river?

Would having a gravel pit that close to the Boise river where Eagles and herons nest create a problem for them?

I know there is a gravel pit along the Boise River in Boise...is it still active and does it disturb the birds? 

As you can tell I am not an expert birder, but any info that would help preserve this beautiful area would be appreciated.

Ruthann Greene

Meridian, ID

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