Need Trumpeter Swan observations in new wintering areas

Ruth Shea

After many years of  efforts to disperse wintering trumpeters from high risk areas of eastern Idaho, it is evident that significant numbers of Trumpeter Swans are rebuilding migration routes and exploring potential new  wintering areas well outside of the primary Greater Yellowstone wintering area..

We need to build an effective network of birders to help us document where trumpeters are dispersing to.  We are extremely interested in reports of trumpeters from during migration and in new wintering areas anywhere west of Mud Lake,  south of Soda Springs, and south and west of American Falls Reservoir.  Trumpeters along the migration route through northern Idaho and down the west side are very interesting.  Any detectable influx of trumpeters in southern Idaho as the tundras return in the spring from California would be extremely interesting. 

 When new wintering sites are identified we want to document total numbers of Trumpeters (adults and cygnets), associations with Tundra or Mute Swans, gather information on patterns of habitat use (field or wetland feeding? roost areas?) and also try to  reconstruct how many years trumpeter use has been observed and how long during the winter  the trumpeters remain in the area.

We will map the data for 2015 and use the results as a tool to help evaluate the progress of range expansion. All those who contribute observations will receive a summary report of the results in late spring- I promise!  I am not familiar with existing Idaho bird data bases that would be helpful and welcome suggestions to help gather the best quality data possible..

If you have observed Trumpeters in these areas this winter or during migration, would like to be part of this observer network and/or can help me set up the network effectively, please contact Ruth Shea, The Trumpeter Swan Society, at rshea@...


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