Re: Close Encounters with Goshawks at Fort Boise

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Looks like Coot to me.
Great day at swan falls on the Snake R. as well
Cheers, Rich Nampa

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Any more photos of the feathers? 


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Hi Matt - those feet look like they belong to an American Coot to me.

Stoddard Davenport

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               This morning my wife and I went out to Fort Boise WMA to see the Snow Geese, as well as anything that might be hanging around the Fort.  We headed out early, and arrived in Parma as the sun broke through the early morning clouds.  The Greater White-fronted Geese filled the fields just before the turn-off to Fort Boise, which was a great start. 
                The third bird we saw after we entered the WMA was a juvenile Northern Shrike, likely the one Bob Kiernan photographed about two weeks ago.  It was in a tree right off the road, providing a very clear view.  The day was shaping up well.
                It was 0815 and the sun was shining, so we decided to take a walk downriver and see what was up and about.  My wife had never heard Goldeneyes on the wing, so we spent a bit of time by the river, waiting on them to fly by.  We meandered on through the tall brush, enjoying the Song Sparrows and other friends there. 
                After hitting a dead end on the trail, we headed back to the car.  Even though our main objective was to see the Snow Geese, my secret objective was to see the Goshawk that had been previously sited here because I’d never seen one (not for lack of trying, I assure you). 
                As we walked along the road, we were suddenly surprised by a big gray bird that exploded from under a tree.  A Goshawk! It was clutching something in its talons as it headed into a wall of heavy brush.  After picking up my jaw from the ground, I decided to try to find it.  Just then, another raptor alit in a tree not far from where the Goshawk disappeared.  It took me a bit, but I realized it was a juvenile Goshawk, waiting to share in the meal.  I retreated as it lit out across the river. 
                Instead of trying to find the adult, I thought it would be interesting to see what it had been feeding on.  My wife and I searched under the brush and found the kill site:  it was littered with feathers, but also 2 long bloody legs with large talons.  I’d figured it had caught a dove until I saw those.  So I have no idea what it was feeding on and I am posting a picture of those talons so that an expert can ID these. 
                After that, we went out to the road and spent the next few hours watching the Snow Goose Show.   A great day of birding, indeed.  Here's a link to the other birds I saw:


Cliff and Lisa Weisse
Island Park, Idaho

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