Bewick's Wrens - Avimor, Ada Co

Robert Mortensen <birdingisfun@...>

I was out at Avimor today around the lunch hour. I heard what I thought was a Song Sparrow, but then found this Bewick's Wren singing away. There were two actually. One right by the bridge of Spring Creek at the entrance to Avimor off Hwy 55 and another a bit south of there. Others have reported Bewick's Wrens at Avimor and I think I saw one there one spring a few years ago. Terry Gray see's them up north. They are occasionally seen in the Treasure Valley. eBird still flags them as rare and needing documentation. Field guide app range maps suggest that they may occur in Idaho, especially up north, but not as regularly as we are seeing them in the Boise foothills areas. Lew Ulrey and Gary Worthington have reported them from Eagle Island State Park on several occasions. Foote Park also seems to be a good spot for them. I wonder if Bewick's Wrens in SW Idaho is a relatively new phenomenon or have they been here all along and we just missed 'em because we didn't used to bird the foothills as much.

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