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Richard and Ann Rusnak

Greetings, I was there, with a friend today as well and ran into Dave L. We headed up trial a few miles farther to reach the conifers but also scratched on the pygmy owls. 
However, on the way back down we witnessed 3 G.Eagles calling and cavorting about rather friskily. Also watched a Northern Shrike for several minutes and a Towsend's Solitaire. Pictures to follow on the ID Birding FB page.
Cheers, Rich Rusnak Nampa

On Feb 4, 2013, at 3:28 PM, "David Lawrence" <lawde13@...> wrote:


I took a hike up the trail behind Boise River WMA headquarters this morning.  I hiked up to where the trail forms a Y to go over to the old mining buildings.  Unfortunately, I was unable to re-locate any owls.  There was very little bird activity, a few magpies, juncos, and chickadees.  Also had an great look at a Golden Eagle that flew over.  Lots of American Robins on the last 1/4 mile of the trail on my way out.


Dave Lawrence


Nampa, ID  83651



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