Gyrfalcon and Great Gray Owl near Ashton (Fremont County)

Darren Clark <riversilt@...>

I had a great evening of birding. I didn't see a lot of variety, but it was pretty high quality stuff. Out near Ashton I found a large Falcon eating a Gray Partridge. It was extremely foggy and the bird was very distant, but after adding some contrast to the photo it was, as I suspected, a Gyrfalcon. Adam Brubaker actually photographed it a couple of days ago but, thanks to my help, it was misidentified as a Prairie. Near the Gyrfalcon was a huge flock of Snow Buntings ( 200 birds or so). At dusk I found a Great Gray Owl sitting on a power pole.

Gyrfalcon photo:
Great Gray Owl:

I'm hesitant to post exact directions to either bird because of the harassment they are likely to encounter. If anybody wants specific directions though, I'd probably share them privately.

Darren Clark
Rexburg, ID

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