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Richard and Ann Rusnak

Larry R,  May 2005 Blacks Creek Firearms Incident: 
Myself and birder Bob Kiernan were at Blacks Creek in our vehicle headed ESE (on one of the many spider web trails) 100 yards from Kuna Mora Rd at the East side of the mudflats. 
My driver side window was down and I began to hear gunshots. Directly 250 N., (to our left) of our position a woman (with other people) was firing directly S. towards the Kuna Mora Road. Easily, we could have been hit by the rifle (possibly a 22 cal. rifle) as we were directly in the path of a miss or ricochet.  
Livid at that time, I remain so today at this (and various other Ideehoe experiences) display of wanton absence of elementary common sense. 
Thanks Larry, for organizing these documentations. 
Rich Rusnak, Nampa

On Aug 20, 2012, at 9:17 PM, Larry Ridenhour wrote:


To all Black's Creeks Birders,

I am trying to compile a list of anyone who has had a similar incident as Paul had at Black's Creek over the years and the details of the incident.  There are often many more incidents like these than are reported.  This information will be used as part of the background information in developing the management plan for Black's Creek.  The collective efforts of Audubon, local landowners, and the BLM can hopefully change the type of use (and abuse) that has been taking place here for many years.

Please send your accounts of any unsafe or illegal shooting or other activities that you have witnessed.  If you can recall dates that would be very helpful.  

Larry Ridenhour, Boise

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 8:01 PM, Jay Carlisle <carlislejay@...> wrote:


After seeing Paul's messages about the shooters (thanks Paul for calling the authorities right away!) I contacted my friend & colleague Sean Finn, a local biologist who's been very active with Golden Eagle Audubon & clean-up/protection efforts for the Blacks Creek reservoir Important Bird Area.  See below for Sean's reply to me.

I'll also take this moment to plug IDFG's Wildlife Summit this weekend (an opportunity to voice your values/desires for future wildlife management/conservation in the state).  I will be attending & I plan to voice my concern for this type of illegal wildlife shooting.


From Sean: "I can say that I called for and attended a law enforcement meeting mid summer with Ada Sheriff, IDFG and BLM.  They all agreed to coordinate on enforcement at Blacks Creek to the extent possible and have all acted in good faith with us. 

Also, we are closing in on the end of a 5 yr, $35K project to protect the Blacks Creek Res. area for birds and wildlife viewing. In fact, the area is to be re-designated as "Blacks Creek Bird Reserve". We continue to seek volunteers/partners/experts to participate and contribute. One opportunity will be at a cleanup on Sept. 8th. details at: but we're always looking for creative, energetic help from folks who like Blacks Creek, wildlife, and wildlife watching!

Please spread the word!!


***Note NEW Website******

Sean P. Finn, USFWS
Science Coordinator
Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative

On Aug 19, 2012, at 10:40 PM, "Bird Nut" <bird.nerd@...> wrote:


I tried to bird Blacks Creek Reservoir this evening, Aug. 19.

When I arrived there were some Yahoo Americanus sp. with mud bogging vehicles and automatic assault rifles shooting at flocks of Western Sandpipers.

I am standing on a bluff overlooking the reservoir. He is on the shore, shooting in my direction across an arm of the reservoir at Western Sandpipers on the opposite shore. Completely unaware that I am there, bullets glance off rocks and whiz through the air past me. I can hear the trajectory of bullets as they fly past me, and completely across the length of the lake, with no backdrop. After he shoots a round, I yell down at him from atop the bluff, to let him know I am there in his line of fire.

I leave for Indian Creek.

On a bright note, before the shooting frenzy, I did get lucky enough to spot a Marbled Godwit before it was scared off by all the shooting along the shores of the reservoir, and flew off to the north.

Photos on flickr -



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