Re: Golden Eagles

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Possibly they were headed either to or from a carrion site. I have witnessed this group behavior in winter on wolf killed elk in YNP.
Great sight to see. 
Rich Rusnak, Nampa

On Jan 8, 2011, at 7:35 PM, Denise Hughes wrote:


On my raptor route near Juntura, Oregon, I found 7 Golden Eagles flying together.  Four birds were adults, 2 looked to be 1st winter and the 7th bird wasn't quite an adult but also not a first year bird.  I have seen several Bald Eagles together but not Golden Eagles.  Is this a common behavior?  On the way home, the 2 first year eagles were hassling 2 Red-tailed Hawks.

Denise Hughes

Caldwell, Idaho

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