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Richard and Ann Rusnak

IBLE Fans,  If anyone has recently seen the YTW along the Boise greenbelt please forward me its latest known location. Or if you know the location of suet feeder that it was last frequenting.
I will be forwarding this info on to a bird friendly local conservation group that will be doing greenbelt walks this winter.
THANKS SO MUCH, Rich Rusnak, Nampa

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An Idaho statewide network of people interested in the various aspects of birding and birdwatching, desiring to gain a greater understanding of birds, while also sharing their knowledge with others. The primary function of the group is to report sightings, and engage in discussions regarding wild bird distribution, identification, habitat, and behavior. Additionally, members are encouraged to provide information to the group about the current activities of local birding organizations, i.e., club meetings, field-trips, etc.

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Kathleen Cameron
"Western Tanager"

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