Re: Barred Owls in Boise?

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Hi Ibler's, Just an FYI about my personal experience with Barred owls dispersals into the NW. In May 1994 I was backpacking in NE Oregon's Monument Rock wilderness and was serenaded most of the night by a barred owl. 
Having recently moved here from GA, (where they are common) I was quite surprised and only read a few years later about them displacing the Spotted owls. Also a Barred owl spent a good portion of the winter in Barber Park, Boise in the late 90's, don't remember what year.
Good day, Rich Rusnak

On Dec 26, 2010, at 9:48 AM, Jay Carlisle wrote:


Happy holidays ;-)
Mark Collie (no e-mail) relayed some info to me: he & other people in the neighborhood have detected Barred Owls in the area S and SW of Timberline High School b/t Apple & Gekeler and the Ridenbaugh canal.  As far as I know, no one has had visual confirmation during daylight hours but several people familiar with the species have heard 1 or 2 birds - maybe going back as far as August!
Having seen this species in Idaho previously, searching for the birds isn't a pressing issue for me but I figured I'd get the info out there in case anyone was in the neighborhood and/or really wants to try to hear or see these birds.
There's a small community park off E Carter (accessed from Gekeler) between S Bridgeport and E Fairbrook where a short trail leads to the canal ... birds have apparently been heard here and further E/NE.
This is all I know ;-) ...  Good luck!

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