Flicker Damage


I have personal experience with this type problem. My damage was to wood cedar-siding on my cabin. I tried all remedies: fake owls, fake snakes and multiple "deterrent agents" around the holes in the siding. Sometimes, all the "deterrents" accomplished was to move the flicker to a different location, and simply make another hole!

My solution, and the only one I found to work, was to re-side that part of the cabin with vinyl siding. Interestingly, the flickers would only make cavities on the west side of the cabin (suspect it had to do with proper temperature for raising their young and receiving the west sun). Since re-siding, I have had zero flicker problems. I've offered this advice to others in the same cabin area who have had problems with both stucco and real wood siding. And, after re-siding with vinyl, the flickers have moved back to natural cavities.

Brian Carrigan

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