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This question comes up often in winter.  See Below:

Flicker Damage Question



I get asked this question a lot this time of year.  How do you get the

flickers and woodpeckers to quit damaging our cedar siding or roofs?  A

friend of mine said that he has found that if a person takes a non hardning

calk and applies it to the damaged area of siding or roofing covering the

damaged area all the way around the hole that they will quit trying to make

the hole bigger.   He claims that it works.  Sometimes it is hard to reach

the area of damage but it's worth a try.

Terry Gray


I have a non-intuitive solution that works at my house. Put up a bunch of

cedar nest boxes. I have 2 or 3 pairs of flickers around the house and in 13

years, have yet to have a hole drilled into my cedar siding. I have,

however, replaced the front panels of my bird boxes on an almost annual

basis. It seems the flickers are content to pound the 1 inch holes up to 3

inches rather than beat on the siding. Then, in the fall, I simply put a new

piece with a 1 inch hole back over the big hole. Eventually, I have to

completely replace the front panel...

Kas Dumroese


I have also had this question a lot this time of year.  Cornell has some

great references:


They talk about WHY flickers are choosing their type of siding and different

preventative/control measures.

Cindy McCormack


Use a falcon Silhouette cut out of 1" foam hung on fishing line.  The

falcon will "fly around" in the wind and scare off the flickers.

Randy Hill


Have, had, the same problem on my home in Nampa. Got a nest box from Bird

House and Habitat in Boise and the flickers moved in and quit banging on my

house. Guess they just wanted a place to call their own.


Now I need to cover it up for the summer and evict the Starlings!

Andy Crabtree


I also had severe Flicker damage (even with several boxes up) until I

repainted my home a few years ago...apparently Flickers do not like the

taste of a lead based paint...






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Just got a call from a friend that has a flicker putting flikcer sized holes in the stucco of his house. He put up a couple of fake owls today and hopes that would take care of things. But, if it doesn't, anyone out there with experience in this area? How can you get a flicker to "move on along" and leave his house alone?

Scott Tuthill

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