Re: nesting Tanager

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Today, I saw an Adult male W Tanager with an immature male Tanager.  These birds were seen at the tree'd creek next to the Albertson's gas station at 12th and Greenhurst. Does this mean nesting activity in the valley? I personally think so.
Due in part to the prolonged cold wet conditions, especially at higher elevations? (And here is were I stretch for causality)
Due in part to the Icelandic volcanic activities having altered the meteorologic patterns?
Fun to speculate anyway.
Very interesting spring to say the least. 
Rich Rusnak, Nampa,ID

On Jun 13, 2010, at 6:47 PM, BRIAN P COOPER wrote:


I have a pair of Western Tanagers and Cedar Waxings in my yard in Nampa as well. I have not found any nests yet, but have never seen them this time of year in my yard.
Brian Cooper
Nampa, Id

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 16:47:46 -0600
Subject: [IBLE] nesting Tanager

My next door neighbor tells me they have a pair of nesting Western Tanagers in their blue spruce.  The birds have been working on the nest for the last week or so.   Maybe they are tired of the crazy spring weather and decided to nest in the valley.

Denise Hughes
Caldwell, ID



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