Spring Mtn Activity

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Greetings All, Just back from a snowshoe yurt trip to the Banner Ridge area near Lowman. 
Heard 2 Barred Owls (? nesting/pair bonding activity)
Also lots of activity during the day light hours. IE Mtn chickadees, red Brst Nuthatches, Ravens, Clarks Nut crackers  etc, all preping for nesting season? Enjoy Spring!
Adios, Rich Rusnak, Nampa

On Mar 1, 2010, at 7:22 PM, Lew & Connie Ulrey wrote:


This morning from the far reaches of the neighborhood I heard a robin’s whinny.  That is the closest I have been to recording this species in this part of town this year.  Usually in February there are lots of them.  I have a photo from a recent year showing about 10 robins perched around the rim of my bird bath.  I can recall one February day not so long ago when there were so many robins in the yard that I just gave up on counting and recorded 100.  Things are certainly different this year.

Lew Ulrey




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