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Steve Bouffard

I visited Midway last holiday season to count albatross nests and have several similar pictures.  I also have pictures of huge mounds of plastic and glass garbage that has floated onto the islands.  The adults evolved thinking anything that floats and is small enough to eat, is food.  If they can swallow it, they feed it to their young.  The adults can regurgitate.  The regurgitation reflex develops later in the young.  Once their digestive tract becomes impacted they die, by the hundreds.  The refuge staff estimated that the adults import some 5 tons of small plastic items to the islands every year as they feed their young.  It is not possible to walk 5-6 feet in any direction on the islands without encountering one or more cigarette lighters.  They also estimated another 10-20 tons of larger plastic & glass items float into the islands every year. I have given several talks on my experience and always leave the message to use alternatives other than plastic, to recycle what plastic you must use, and do not litter.  By littering, you could be responsible for killing sea birds, turtles, and mammals for the next 500+ years - that's a terrible legacy to leave behind!
PS: We're talking lots of birds on Midway.  In 2008-09 season we counted over 500.000 albatross nests - and that's not counting the other 15-16 pelagic species that nest there.

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we all need to do something about this.
caution, some images are graphic.
http://www.chrisjor dan.com/current_ set2.php? id=11

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