Re: new way of seeing plastic

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Greetings IBLE, 
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Please read the essay by SUSAN CASEY, "PLASIC OCEAN" which can be found in "The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2007" or from magazine Best Life.
The photos are a staggering "macro" symptom of the ocean's infestation. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists. So, the more insideous symptom of the "undecayable" plastics molecule is in its ability to remain virtually unaltered down to a molecular level. IE. around the world microscopic pieces of intact plastics can now be found in the digestive tacts of  zooplankton. Which is working its way back up the food web to us, the apex predators. I hope you get something from this amazing story.
Sorry for the rant, Happy Birding.
Rich Rusnak, Nampa

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we all need to do something about this.
caution, some images are graphic.

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