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Devoted to the 1980-1983 USA-Type Honda C70 "Passport" - a member of the Honda "Cub" family - the most popular motorcycles in the world. More than 60 million sold between 1958 and the present. This group had 9000 members worldwide and lots of message traffic, so this was the group to join.

TAKE NOTE! Before you make your first post and ask the group something that was answered a few messages back - search the online message archives right after reading the following short list of suggestions.  

Your headlight is burnt out because your battery is dead/missing. Without a battery your bike will eat headlight bulbs like candy. New headlights are available from Honda and online, but take care of the battery first - charge or replace it. Keep it charged with a Battery Tender.  
Your electric starter needs a charged battery, functioning neutral switch AND a working starter relay to fire (neutral switch is the ground for the starter relay circuit).  
Michelin Gazelle tires in 2.25-17 front and 2.50-17 rear are available by special order through your local Honda dealer and for under $100 a pair, and should only take a few days to come in.
Get your carburetor professionally dip-cleaned by a local shop, or buy a gallon of Berryman's Chemdip and do it yourself. Blow out the jets until you can see light through them. 
Many new parts like seat covers, leg shields, carb rebuild kits and complete new carbs are available from and on

There are two manuals to use for service, the 1980-81 Honda Official Shop Manual for the C70 (with '82/83 addendum), and the Haynes C70 Manual (British, but great)

The troubleshooting guides in the online shop manual are ESSENTIAL reading.

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