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Historic Washington D.C. is an email forum for nearly 800 people interested in or involved with the history and preservation of Washington, D.C. and its many neighborhoods. This is a place for exchanging views, ideas and information with those who share a common interest in portraying, protecting and preserving the cultural resources of our great city. 

Discussion is encouraged in the areas of city and neighborhood history, architecture and development; historic resource surveying; creating, maintaining and expanding historic districts; zoning; land use; city and preservation planning; existing and proposed city and federal preservation laws and their enforcement; condemnation; demolition; tax credits; easements; building history and restoration; etc. Those searching for a preservation resource are encouraged to post, as well as those offering consulting services in related fields, or those seeking advice, support or action from members to intervene in a preservation battle or crisis.

Announcements for conferences, tours, classes and other events that support this focus are welcome. Those in the wider Washington Metropolitan area are invited to join and share information and ideas. Those seeking or offering recommendations or warnings about businesses doing renovation or restoration work in the D.C. area are encouraged to post. Announcements of job and grant opportunities, awards, requests for proposals or calls for papers in the fields of preservation and Washington, D.C. and neighborhood history are welcome. So are posts from those selling, giving away or seeking old house or building parts.

Also welcome is information on national and state preservation and land use issues around the country that offer perspective and guidance to those in the Washington, D.C. area.

If you'd like to join this forum, please email your full name to HistoricWashington+owner@groups.io

Founded on April 29, 2005, this listserv is independent of any organization. 

Please post photos of historic Washington, D.C. at our companion website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/historicwashington 

Thank you for your interest in historic Washington, D.C.

Mary Rowse, Owner & Moderator

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