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Please refer to the chart above and the information below that I've received from Doug Wilson, KH7DQ about ACS. ACS will be the CERT and amateur radio portal to the HC EOC during grid/internet/phone outage, so this information is critical for all amateur radio operators to know.

I also want to invite everyone to participate in the informal EMCOMM discussion group happening Tomorrow (Tuesday 8/20) at 7:00 PM on the Hawaii / Mainland AllStar network, and Brandmeister Talkgroup 31158. 

Tony Kitchen

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ACS and CERT have three portals for emcomms traffic into HCCDA.  One is the internet through  The other two are through the ACS VHF and HF Nets when ACS is stood up before, during and after a disaster.  One part of the ACS Ham Radio Net operates on local VHF repeaters.  In past events the Kulani Repeater (146.760) has been used for this purpose as well as the Mauna Loa Repeater (146.820).  ACS also runs an HF Net concurrently.  In past events the ACS HF Net has operated on 7.190 MHz and 3.895 Mhz. The frequencies used for the HF Net ultimately will depend on propagation conditions at the time the Net is stood up.  There are no restrictions as to who can participate in the ACS Nets.  The only caveat is that radio operators will be asked to follow the protocols established by the NCS.  I have attached the ACS flow chart for your reference.  Let me know if you have any further questions about ACS and how it functions during an emergency.