Big Island EMMCOMM Round Table Discussion

Tony Kitchen


I would like to invite Big Island ARES members to participate in an informal round table type discussion on Tuesday, August 20th from 7-8 PM, on the Hawaii / Mainland AllStar network. This EMCOMM related discussion is not affiliated with any particular group, and will be focused  on coordinating, sharing ideas, and best practices for amateur radio operators on the Big Island to effectively work together.  I am hoping that the Big Island ARES District Emergency Coordinators and other ARES volunteers are willing to participate.

In east Hawaii we are attempting to coordinate a hub and spoke type setup, with hub stations that have emergency backup power, UHF, VHF, HF, WINLINK, and possibly FLDIGI capabilities in each subdivision or community. We wish to encourage each district to develop and share their ICS 217A Communications Resource Availability Worksheet with the Amateur Radio Community and include on it frequencies and plans to be used to interoperate with various other groups involved in emergency response. My goal is to be prepared to create and distribute completed ICS 201, 205, and other forms to radio operators in the community via WINLINK when needed, as well as to share these plans with the other districts around the island. An island wide group can help us all realize potential problems and shed light on possible solutions.

Please join us on any AllStar repeater or node on the Hawaii / Mainland network. You can find a list of currently connected stations at This website lists the stations connected to the network in real time as well as the frequency, and the offset for repeaters. However it does not show the PL tone for access. If you do not know the PL tone for the repeater or simplex node you wish to use then go to Click on the link at the top titled 'Lists & Stats' and choose the link 'Node status and maps.' From this page you can use Ctrl+F to search by node number (or station call sign) and find the PL Tone and other details about the station. You can also find a google earth map of Big Island repeaters at

This google map is not updated in real time, and some of the station information may be out of date. Double check the link at to make sure the station you select is on the list and try out the repeater or simplex node to confirm that you have access through it to the AllStar Hawaii / Mainland network. 

Please feel free to email me at this address if you have any questions or comments.
Tony Kitchen