EmComm discussions going forward after Hamfest roundtable

Ceridwen Sanders

After a very energetic, positive, and well-attended roundtable at Hamfest on Sat. Feb. 2, suggestions from the more than 25 participants are beginning to be sorted and posted.
Eric KH6CQ:  I would suggest that we use the message subject line to qualify comments to a single subject
Steve WH7TW: I went ahead and made a folder in https://groups.io/g/HiCoAres/files/EMCOMM_Roundtable. Also I have a raw audio of the meeting, 26MB in size.  It's a bit faint in spots but not too bad.   I should be able to email it, if anyone is interested.  It's a .3gp file, which seems to play just find in Windows Media player (much to my surprise).  
Other suggestions:
> Schedule a Big Island emergency radio exercise soon so that hams can start preparing
> Since our only served agency on the island is HCCDA, we’d like them to be included in the exercise
> We need a name for the group, as well as the exercise, that doesn’t allow it to be confused with ACS-managed or ARES-managed plans.  Perhaps the reflector that we use should also differentiate us from the other organizations.
> Some of the attendees aren’t on the reflector that we’re using to post.  How do we include those attending as well as other interested hams who weren’t able to be at the meeting?
Any other suggestions can be posted directly to the reflector:
Thanks, Ceri AH6CS

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